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Beamswork 3W High Power EVO Nano LED lighting

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Weight: 0.25 kg

Fish Street is delighted to announce the release of the new Beamswork LED nano lighting units! 

Utilising the Latest EVO Green World LED lighting. Cost-effective, low watt, with super-safe DC power supply and comes with additional lens kits.  These units provide an extraordinary output of close to 2700 lumens, suitable for growing both LPS and SPS. Perfectly designed for nano tanks in the 30cm to 45cm range.


  • Includes 9 LEDs (6 White + 3 Blue)
  • 6 x 10000K LEDs
  • 3 x Actinic 460nm LEDs
  • Only 1 watts per LED with a total of 12 watts
  • 2700 Lumen
  • Comes complete with lens kits
  • Slim and contemporary design
  • Supplied with clamp-on bracket for easy tank attachment up to a maximum of 0.25" (rimless only)
  • Adjustable angle for optimum lighting performance and coverage
  • 2 modes of operation for day and night lighting 
  • Full mode - all Daylight and Actinic LEDs on
  • Lunar mode - Actinic LEDs on only


  • Power 110V to 240V 50/60Hz DC12V 2A
  • US EU UK AU Plug 
  • Size : 26.5 x 12.5 x 0.23(H)
  • CE Cert
  • Suitable for nano tanks from 30cm to a maximum of 45cm

YouTube Video


Want to Make the LED Dimming with Timer Function?


Beamswork 3W High Power EVO Nano LED
Beamswork 3W High Power EVO Nano LED
Beamswork 3W High Power EVO Nano LED
Beamswork 3W High Power EVO Nano LED
Beamswork 3W High Power EVO Nano LED
Beamswork 3W High Power EVO Nano LED
Beamswork 3W High Power EVO Nano LED
Average Customer Rating: 4.92 based on 13 reviews. Write a review.

Peter (Guest)
Excellent product
This LED unit is a must for small systems. The unit feels substantial, and well built. The finish is excellent. Easily assembled. Only down side is the cable maybe a bit short for some. I think there are opportunities for slightly longer or wider variations of this, it is that good
You advertise that the white leds are 6x3watt leds but it is only 9x1watt leds.Despite this,for my pico reef (20liters) it does the job very well.
Aqua (Guest)
klasse Lampe
Habe diese Leuchte über dem Algenrefugium hängen.. dort ist es nicht schlimm das man sie nur entweder aus, blau oder komkpett schalten kann... sie hängt dort auf einer Zeitschaltuhr.
beamswork evo nano led light
exellent light for smaller tanks :-)
Very satisfied with it on my 60 ltr hexagon nano reef tank. Currently using 2 on it. The coral growt is awesome :-)
fabi-m (Guest)
20 lt nano reef
I have it on a 20 lt nano reef for about 1 month,growth is excellent and no algae problems so far with 8 hours of light period per day,the only problem is that you cant run the blue leds on a timer for moonlight,so i had to put an extra blue led strip

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