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Co2 5K Diffuser

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Weight: 0.65 kg

8/12/2011 Due to High damage rate on the shipping for the co2 5K Diffuser, if the item is damage, we only can refund, cannot be send again~  And the damage only can refund on the item cost


  • All glass and ceramic
  • Included check valve for disffuser which prevent the water backflow into CO2 or DIY overflow materials into the tank
  • Breaks down Co2 into streams of micro bubble
  • Provides a 3 pipe for longer time to dissolve the Co2
  • Compatiable for pressurized & DIY CO2 bottles
  • Provides a excellent CO2 dissolution rates
  • Eash for installation and clean
  • Suitable for tanks up to 35 gallons
  • Size 1 inche(1.8cm large surface area)
  • Suction cup included

Why should choose a Good diffuser?
Using a Premium diffuser is can break down CO2 into micro bubbles and have long time to surface with the water that easy to dissolve.

Choose our Premium dissolve ! Dont wasted your time and money!

Average Customer Rating: 5 based on 5 reviews. Write a review.

great al in one diffuse
This is my favorite diffucer because you can count the bubbles and it has a glass non return valve built in. Also has a reasonable sized ceramic disk. Helps to fill the diffuser with water first so you can see the bubbles through the spiral.
looks good and works well
This is a good looking diffuser in the aquarium and I like the fact that is has a built in glass check valve which is not unsightly.
Great bubble distribution
I have this connected to a DIY 5 liter system in a 48 galling tank. I am getting maximum absorbtion through the fine bubbles and my plants are doing great.
Great diffuser
The diffuser works very well with a DIY CO2 system, very small bubbles. I have a 20 gallon long aquarium and my plants seem to be very happy with this diffuser.
Excellent diffuser
Excellent diffuser for DIY CO2 systems. One or two hours after i connected my yeast CO2 system it start to release made many small co2 bubbles.
It's made from enough strong glass.

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Co2 5K Diffuser
You Save$2.10 (30%)