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Turbo + Oil Free Surface Skimmer

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Weight: 0.4 kg

Place the unit in the aquarium with the suction cup bracket. Make sure that a part of the float

stays within the main cylinder. Attach the flexible hose to the unit and connect the other end to

the intake of a power filter. Adjust the water flow through the float and the slits in the main

cylinder to fit your particular needs.


● 360 degree surface intake to remove all surface scum

● No surface scum means improved gas exchange (more oxygen!)

● Easy to install and use

● Upgrades your existing filter system

● Effective in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums


● For all filters up to 1500 liters/hour (400 gallons/hour)


Oil Free Surface Skimmer
Oil Free Surface Skimmer
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Required for any aquarist
It works perfectly. The surface of my tank has never been so clean
very good
very good oil surface skimmer
. use with submersible pump ( and it's perfect

Très efficace pour retirer la pellicule grasse en surface, a coupler avec une pompe de type submersible ( pour etre parfait
bahu (Guest)
It works ok!
no more oil on water surface for me.
a bit of a bitch to calibrate, but after that works perfectly
works great
Is excellent.

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