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Coral Box DC skimmer Pump

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Weight: 0.1 kg

  • Jebao Coral Box DC1200 /DCA1500 /DSC2000 Needle Wheel
  • Idea for Coral box D300 D500 Replacement
  • Suitable for DIy skimmer using
  • Include Air intake, venture parts and tubing
  • Suitable for Reef Octopus / Skimz DC Skimmer Upgrade Use

  • Coral Box DC1200 / DC2000 Pump 
  • Coral box DCA1500 Pump
  • DC Power supply 110V to 240V Voltage 50/60hz
  • Flow from 450 to 1200Litres for DC1200
  • Flow Rate from 650 to 1500Litres for DCA1500
  • Flow from 1200Litres to 2000Litres for DCA2000
Specification for DCA2000
Include 10/30/50 Mins Feed Time
Sensor Function
Auto Drop Speed 1 hours for the Feed Mode to avoid overflow

Size DCA2000 10 x 5.5 x8.5cm
Size DC1200   9 x    5 x8.5cm
Size DCA1500 9 x 5 x 8.5cm

DCA1500 Include a Free Protection Net

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Wildstar (Guest)
Works great in my Bubble Magus 7
Works great in my Bubble Magus 7. I Wanted a pump that pulled less wattage and this one filled the bill. It has been running a month or so with no issues
рекомендую для замены устаревших помп
доставка в Киев -10 дней, упакован хорошо. пузыри хорошие, мелкие. Уровень шума на максимальной мощности - достаточно тихий, на средней - шум отсутсвует.
It makes very small and lot of bubbles.
Powerful and quite.
Micke (Guest)
Great product!!
Island Hank (Guest)
I'm really impressed
I had never heard of this skimmer before, but wanted a temporary skimmer till I could afford one of the name brands. I can quit looking at moving up to one of those now. Bought this one and it is outstanding. It works great, is very quiet, and is very easy to clean. I was so impressed that I bought the replacement parts to have on hand if anything should happen in the future. Been using it for about 2 months now and I'm not looking for another one anymore. Also it is very easy to adjust.

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