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Coral Box Easy Pump Lighting Dimming Timer Controller :: Вiдгуки

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  • Lighting / Pump Dimming Controller

  • Idea for connection LED / Pump from 5V /12V/24V 
  • Dimming Function
  • Timer Function 8 program per day


Product connector: 5.5mm DC male with lock thread. 

Product size: width 6.5cm . 
Applicable to: compatible with conventional 36V under 100w with constant pressure LED lamps. 
Before the installation, confirm the power supply and power of the lamp, which is lower than 36V&100W. Check the interface of the lamp (5.5mm DC master lock), and connect the modulator in series between the lamp and the power supply. 
Step 1: Open the package and remove the dimmer. 
Step 2: Connect the dimmer to the LED lamp. 
Step 3: Plug in the power to automatically turn on the dimmer. 
Step 4: Set the dimmer parameter. 

Key function description: 
1>. ON/OFF 
Switch the light on/off. 

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admin Administrator on 11 Бер 2019, 4:55 AM
How for the voltage using?
It's work for 12V to 24V voltage
Iм'я або псевдонiм
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Coral Box Easy Pump Lighting Dimming Timer Controller
Цiна$30.00excl. TAX
Розпродаж$20.00excl. TAX
Економiя$10.00 (33%)
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